Mission Statement

To deliver quality affordable therapy services to the whole patient and advocate on their behalf to ensure complete care in striving toward their goals.

sPorT plus physical therapy

Welcome to sPorT plus physical therapy, LLC, located in Phillips, Wisconsin. We are a private practice and strive to deliver affordable therapy services to benefit all those in need.

Who should see a Physical Therapist?

foto hereSimply, anyone who wants to "move". Some seek physical therapy services following an injury or surgery to return to work or sports as they had done previously. Others seek physical therapy services as a result of a particular diagnosis such as OA, PD, MS, CVA, or osteoporosis. Those interested in wellness and prevention of injury or disease will see a physical therapist. Businesses will work with physical therapists to ensure proper ergonomics in the workplace. Even the weekend athlete will see a physical therapist for a brace or a cold pack. The list is long for all those who could benefit from physical therapy services.

Browse thru our website and contact us with any questions you may have or to find out any additional information.