Client Testimonials

I could not be more pleased with the care and treatments I received from Dr. Mel Eggebrecht at sPorT plus physical therapy. I healed long before I should have because of seeing Dr. Mel. Over the course of treatments, Dr. Mel prescribed the right methods and explained everything so well along with providing me with the latest written research. I'm at full strength and am grateful to have Dr. Mell Eggebrecht back in our community.
- John Wilke
In August of 2009 I broke my arm in several places. In October I started physical therapy with Dr. Mel. Dr. Mel is a great coach and cares about the progress of each patient. She works well with your doctor and other entities. You can't go wrong with a visit to Dr. Mel.
- Wally Purdun
I am so very grateful for the successful physical therapy following my shoulder surgery and for your dedicaion to getting me back on my feet following a stroke. I thank you so much for all your wonderful care and your personal concern for my well being.
- Gaye Erickson
I am so glad to have Dr. Mel in the Phillips community. She helped me understand the exercises that built my leg muscles. Limping through life is not good.
- Gay Marschke
The staff at sPorT plus physical therapy, llc is extremely knowledgeable and competent. Dr. Mel is a true professional.
- Tim Popp
After having rotator cuff surgery in October 2009 and having therapy with sPorT plus / Dr. Mel Eggebrecht, DPT, I was able to get released from my doctor's care in less than 3 months. Thanks Dr. Mel!
- David Baratka
I had an uncommon type of tendonitis. With Dr. Mel's knowledge and experience she was instrumental in helping diagnose my condition.
- Kathie Budaj, RDH
In late November of 2008, I fell in our garage and broke my right arm (top of the humerous). Physical therapy was prescribed-no cast! I started with Dr. Mel about 10 days from the fall and in one month I was back to seeing patients again. Dr. Mel and I worked hard and we were both motivated to get the best possible results in a short amount of time and regain mobility. I have been very pleased with the outcome.
- Kathy WIlliams, RDH
Thank you Dr. Mel for all your hard work after my total shoulder surgery. I gained back all of my function and then some.
- Clarence "Slugger" Cverngros
sPorT plus physical therapy was my first choice in getting back to peak condition. Their goal was to make sure I could continue to compete while maintaining consistent progress to full health. I appreciated their professionalism, along with their sincerity. Dr. Mel would be my first recommendation to anyone that wants to get back on track as quickly as possible.
- Trevor Raskie
It's refreshing to have such a professional physical therapist that is willing to work around any schedule.
- Cody Houdek
The doctors were pleased with the work of my therapist - Excellent movements with the knee replacement. In less than 4 weeks, I had full range of motion in my knee because of the progressive treatment I received from Dr. Mel at sPorT plus physical therapy.
- Donn Williams